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If you want my opinion, you should be investing in nuclear power.

As a photography enthusiast, you should see how wind turbines wreck pristine natural areas and landscapes.

Wind and solar cannot deliver base load power. They are token symbols only. Just exactly how many wind turbines would they need to deliver base load power?

You'll see these issues crop up with Germany, because of that, they don't really have anything to replace nuclear power with. Unless it's back to fossil fuel, like coal, which is stupid, because not only can nuclear provide base load power, it also is clean, and saves lives (unlike coal power).

Yet they want to build 26 new coal plants (iirc). Wind and solar is meaningless, especially when they planning to transition back to coal.

Germany import more electricity than they produce themselves already. This is just a disaster waiting to happen.

In 2010 they produced 1528 TWh, in 2010, Wind Power produced in Germany was a piddling 37.793 TWh.
What was their solar power production?

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