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Fracking makes me so angry, I can't believe no one has shut that down already, it's one of the most dangerous things we could possibly be doing to our ecosystem and our own citizens, it pollutes the water, the air, and might actually be affecting the tectonic plates in a way as well.
Instead of investing in fracking we should be investing in solar and wind energy,Germany did it, and they don't exactly live in the most sunny area of the world,...
In Germany fracking is in the planning too. The discussion about it has already started.

We not only have a lot of solar cells on roofs (and small dedicated solar fields, I have not come across yet), but also a lot of huge wind-mills all around here in the in-land. The latter are growing as mushrooms.

The problem Germany is facing is as well getting the produced electricity from the most effective off-shore and coastal wind-mill sites to the customers inland, as well as lacking effective means to store electric energy beyond the current hydraulic stores.