Strange, just last week Adox had a film on their website, Adox Pan 400 based on APX 400 to be released and today there are no trace of this.
This info can be found cached but not today:

"ADOX PAN 400 Film

AgfaPhoto in Leverkusen went into receivership in 2005 and all attempts to save it failed.
Since November 2006 the company is beeing liquidated.

ADOX has acquired together with former research engineers of AgfaPhoto machines and KnowHow from the liquidator.

These engineers managed to remanufacture a new APX while avoiding the weaknesses of the old emulsion.
The emulsion is beeing made on genuine Agfa equipment and coated on Agfa´s former coating line now owned by a new company."

Since they had acquired both machines and personnel from Agfa it could have been close to the original.