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8x10 and X-Ray film This particular Caltar is going back because it has a little nick. But this nick is nearly dead center and gleams like a little diamond when the light hits it. But an identical one opens up tomorrow, so I'll leave this thread open for smarter minds to tell me what I've got. I realize the B&L is 101 years old and has that crazy 5-speed shutter, but the glass is flawless. Not even a "cleaning mark".
So put some black paint in the nick. I use a 9 1/2" Dagor with a 3/8" gouge right in the center of the rear glass. I filled the gouge with India ink and comparing it with another 9 1/2" Dagor of the same vintage with flawless glass, there is no difference.

By the way, that 1912 is likely a patent date, the shutter looks 1920s. The B&L is uncoated, the Ilex is coated. I'd keep the Ilex nick and all.