So glad you could all come. Dolly and I really enjoyed the event. We are glad to hear you did.

Shawn, I am so happy to read that Lynn is getting into this. Lots of encouragement from us. It makes it so much better when you share interests or have complimentary ones like Dolly’s water color and my photos. Eva told me once she took up photography because that is what Jeff was doing and she wanted to be with him. (I worry about her)

JPreston, we welcome newcomers. That is how we grow and expand our group interests and knowledge. At this event we learned from two of our newbies about artist in residence in Iceland and the family that has like events for people restoring the tractors we have two of in active use.

We hope to have another gathering late Sept., early Oct., date to be determined. Look for the thread soon.

John, Dolly and the Girls