Just my completely personal opinion (that you should feel free to discard)...

I think there is a real resurgence in a DIY-type of culture out there. At least here in San Francisco (admittedly not a great model of "normal"), you see it in the emergence of more and more 'zines, more and more self-recorded demos, more handmade art, etc. At the same time, I think there is a bit of a (sub)conscious backlash against a world in which everything that makes you "you" (e.g. your photos, your music, etc.) can be stored on a phone. As others have said, people want something tangible - they want records and not mp3s if for no other reason than they want to see a real set of liner notes with lyrics, decent-size photographs of the band, etc.

My own personal journey back to film is a little more straightforward. First off, I think film (especially B&W) just has a look that I could never simply replicate in digital. I am in no way suggesting that it "can't" be done, but rather simply that "I" was unable to do it. Plus, when I really get deep into digital and had to start managing color profiles, keeping them matched across devices, learn how to use PS, LR, etc...well, for me, the "convenience" became more theoretical than real.

Again, this is all personal to me and reflects my situation/circumstances, which is that of a mere hobbyist. If I were a working professional, the considerations would obviously be entirely different.