I've got a 4x5 Speed Graphic that needs some work to be fully operational. USA only for now. Case can be shipped if you want to pay the costs associated, it weighs 10+ lbs and is 2.5ft on the long edge and probably 18 inches tall.

$250 plus shipping OBO, or trade for/towards Pentax 67 45 or 55 or 165/2.8. I can provide film or other gear if value is different.


-All parts are there. Handle, Kalart RF, in-body shutter, knobs, screws, spring back, groundglass, top-mounted viewfinder (with mask), body, bellows, etc.
-Mostly operational/functioning. Lens shutter sounds pretty good, body shutter moves through all positions (sometimes very slowly), rangefinder does move.
-Ektar 127mm in Graphex shutter with some extra sync bits and a solenoid on the factory lens board, ER582 is serial.
-3 spare un-drilled lens boards that fit directly, one that seems too small without an adapter plate.
-6 Graflex double dark slides/film holders in unknown but looks good condition
-Original hard-sided case for all of it, red interior with black leather exterior


-Bellows are pinholed at every corner/edge. Will need to be replaced or massaged thoroughly with your preferred repair technique in order to be usable.
-Body leather is in pretty tough shape with the front panel completely un-glued off the aluminum bed.
-Body shutter is too slow to be usable, so needs service before using.
-Lens shutter is unknown and may be slow on each speed. Sounds good to my ear, but I'm no expert on timing.
-Some spots on the inside of the rear element of the Ektar, coating seems to be coming off the rear element as well.
-Ground glass has marks for 6x9 and 3x4, I think. I've not measured.

I'll gladly answer any questions you may have, or take more images if something is unclear. I take Paypal or USPS money order.