Understood. And I know you are correct, Matt.


My dad was going to toss his old Minolta 35mm film camera. I told him I'd take it if he didn't want it. So I was doing a little surfing online, looking to see if I might still be able to buy some film and try it out. I found a link to a new company called Ferrania in Italy. Never heard of them before. But they are going to start making film real soon now.

I know from my dad that he used to use Kodak film. But I found a big-time photographer at 'indiegogo' who says he's now using up the last film from the last batch that Kodak ever made. And when I Googled on 'Kodak' I found out they are bankrupt and out of business.*

It must be true because I don't see anything online anywhere that I hang out about any Kodak film. My dad says that Kodak died a few years back when his old favorite film Kodachrome died. After that, he just put the Minolta back in its box and bought a digital camera.


* Remember, I'm just a kid reading this stuff.