I can't make up my mind. I would say Mary Ann but my wife's a redhead...

MY opinion is many shots are wide simply because that's the focal length the lens starts out with... I would wish lenses started normal and you had to choose wide or telephoto deliberately. Meanwhile, it might be time to pick up prime lenses and set the lens you intend to use onto the camera. If you choose wide, fine. My 24mm does not see much use. I gravitate towards 40mm on 35mm cameras.

I was lamenting the loss of "normal" in common photography until I realized that the most common photography these days is done using single-focal-length lenses.

As for what lens needs to be on the camera at all times, you should see the picture I took when I got between a mother bear and her cub in Paradise Valley. I had a 35mm lens on at the time. I got nothing.