I was really enjoying the turn the thread made with the imagery of some evil dude hiding out in a ruined photographic factory somewhere in Europe with PE and possibly ProfPixel as minions/prisoners.
Then someone has to go and spoil the fun.

I think we all realize that Kodachrome is not coming back, but a film that lasted almost 75 years, has a hit song, a state park, and has the joke about God and Man to make it, is going to have a bit of a cult following. The last year it was available, I shot all I could afford, and had fun doing it. I personally would love to see someone come up with a way to process it affordably, but that doesn't look like that's going to happen either. I can accept that, but for others to start belittleing someone because they choose to post on this thread isn't really polite. There are a lot of discussions on APUG that sometimes last longer than I think they should, but generally when I get tired of it, I stop reading that thread.

Thank you and I will now adjust my flame proof underwear and hide the wooden soapbox.