I see this thread has reactivated and I will update people. I have been extremely busy running my business and have not had time to tinker further with my K-14 substitute process to develop Kodachrome in colour.

I do face a number of issues with doing this process.

A, As stated earlier, compared to other processes its EXPENSIVE and TIME CONSUMING.

B, Chemistry I have to do this is Limited

C, I have no actual idea of just how archival the process I am doing is compared to the K-14 process.

D, I Would love to be able to help the Shuttle project but I can not process motion picture film! This is due to the length. The longest length of Kodachrome I have developed by hand has been 35cm long. (not even a complete roll) I have serious doubts about maintaining development consistency over longer lengths.

E, Initially I made the post to see if anyone would actually pay such a high price ( $260 being the actual material cost of the process) and was also making people aware of the reality in costing for doing kodachrome in colour post a K-14 line being an active service.

I know Kodachrome has a Cult following, Its nice to know there is still such an interest in it. but the fact is there are so many other materials currently available that we really should support and focus on. I Do foresee myself returning to experiments and trials with Kodachrome processing in colour, but right now it is not high on my list of priorities. All the chemical and processing information, all the patients...everything you could ever want to know about kodachrome from its origins to present day is easily and readily available online. Its no secret or great mystery, Kodak gave the knowledge away for free. It will just require your time and patience to study.

Currently my main focus is working on 2 very large bodies of photographic work which I am already feeling I am running behind on and juggling lab work for my main clients.

Each week I have people email me asking if they can send me their Kodachrome to process. Sorry to be blunt but the Answer is NO. (and I seriously think half these people have more money than sense) My current stance on this subject may change for one or two people in the future but at this point in time my answer is NO.

Steve @ The Lighthouse Lab