Just getting into film and have been wavering on a film/developer combination, but have learned that it is important to stick with ONE film and ONE developer in order to learn what can be done with that combination using your gear. I am thinking about starting with Tri-X and D76. I understand that everyone has a different "look" that they like so I am not really asking about aesthetics, but rather "ease of use"/flexibility. In other words, for my first film, I wouldn't want to start with a film that is particularly finicky about exposure, a developer that is particularly difficult to nail down, etc. This seems like the easiest, most classic combination out there, but if there are other suggestions that would be better for a beginner with a beginner's skill set, I would love to hear them. Again, I am trying to separate the aesthetics of the film/developer combination in an effort to focus the discussion on ease of use.

Thanks in advance!