It sounds like you're on the right track and have some photographic experience to boot. Tri-x is what I started out with, but HC110 Dil. B was the developer then. Most of the people who ask me for a good starter film and developer comb don't get Tri-X and D-76 for an answer. I always suggest Fuji Acros to them as a good starter film since it works in just about any developer known to man, has almost no reciprocity problems, is sharp as a tack, pretty good in the mid-tone area and grain is "NO" problem. Of course I always recommend a tripod too, but that's just me. I have had excellent results with Xtol 1:3, Rodinal, Pyrocat-HD, FX37, Beutler high acutance 1+1+8. The best "look" I have gotten has been with Perceptol 1:3, but Perceptol 1:3 does very well with many films and I personally like the longer developing times. If it were me getting my feet wet I'd pick Acros 100 and Xtol straight - 1:1 - 1:2 or 1:3. With your negative size you won't have to worry much about grain so Tri-X would be fine too. I've never been to excited with D-76, but that's just me and I'd go the Xtol route myself. Maybe you should write down all the available films and developers in your local, tape it to the wall and throw a dart until you hit a film and do it again until you hit a developer. Might be surprised with the results? JohnW