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I think so far everyone is missing the point I am trying to make. I don't believe that the backers on kickstarter are well-established photogs at all. Have you watched the video? http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/...-portrait-lens presented by young people IMHO aimed at young people. I believe this is part of the "vintage" movement that is embracing old style fashion, clothes, cars. http://www.yourvintagelifeblog.com/ a quick google search for vintage, retro, etc brings up 10000s of hits. (or is this mainly a UK phenomenon only??). Whatever. It's interesting.
I've noticed most gear is sold/promoted by gearheads, not prizewinning photographers. Rare is the modest manufacturer that does both well. Maybe Karl Struss was one of the few. Lomo makes up for it with creative marketing rather than creative photography. If they had the budget of Nikon or Canon, they could have polished and enviable professionals and famous celebs doing cool stuff with the lomo gear.

All advertising is aimed at people younger than the actual audience. Old people medicine ads have people not of retirement age who might use the medicine if their life is being cut tragically short. The person reliving their youth with a 60's era sports car is more likely to be late 60's or early 70's in age, not just barely graying like in the ad.

But I think Lomo actually has a youthful niche, and if they are interested in photo living-history more than instagram filters, that's super cool in my book. Just like young people with old muscle cars or vintage motorcycles are definitely more interesting than young rich people with brand new drug-dealer-mercedes. It's not because they blew too much money on stuff.