Being someone who is somewhat young 26.. i became interested in photography not because it was cool and in.. but because i have a genuine interest and desire to do this. Having seen what petzval lenses could do... i was interested in one, and thought it interesting and good, that lomo decided to remake it for 35mm.

Instead of looking for a lens to retrofit on ebay which might not work well. here we have a company who decided to make something that will fit well, and with somewhat good quality control... yeah it's overpriced, but for a unique product that will give a nice look... i think it's money well spent.

I shoot both digital and b/w 35mm/120.

As for no one being interested in film?... you are completely wrong! digital hitting a glass ceiling.. you are wrong there as well... I will give you that it digital will never be film, but that's kinda redundant on this site.

I'l also say, that i'm happy there is a younger generation who are getting into film.. and i can only hope that more of them turn over to darkroom work so that i can continue with my passion for as long as i live. ;-)