I am 18 and this topic is of my interest. As many do, I too foresee a "digital dark age" in some fields.

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And the problem isn't limited to pictures. My daughter has had two volumes of her poetry published by university presses, on acid free paper, but her chapbook is only in E-book format. How long will that be available? And how many of the youngsters out there understand the problem, or even give a damn.
Really really few. I am one of them.
On a casual conversation with a retiree he told me that us youngsters don't tend to view the past as much as older people and for many the present doesn't feel that is important, ie. its relevance on keeping memories for the future. We got many more years ahead!

After all, you never know that something is valuable until it is, and sometimes it might be too late to keep. This is an adaptation of a quote I read a while ago on a framing article. A print or negative might be not kept in optimal conditions because it doesn't seem relevant until it has deteriorated and time made it valuable.
As many people do, I use digital for many areas of my shooting. And I agree in that backing it up is a pain in the back end. I once misplaced a file back up and the snaps would deem to be important; one of the persons photographed died at a rather young age. That struck me hard and I rather mistrust digital archiving.

Also, I've got the usual collection of family memorabilia around. 80-15 years old pictures, letters, etc. Kept in a room and most of it is in great condition.