I have a mixed feeling about the premise of one film, one developer concept. For the same token, one camera, one lens concept.

I had a long running issue with a film I picked and a developer I picked. I struggled with the combination until I got good result with them. Some people here might remember my struggle with this combo and what I did for probably more than a year. Then I tried a different combination. Bingo! Without trying, I got what I wanted. Granted, I may have gotten what I wanted form the first combination through trial and errors (and I did) but the ease and spontaneity of getting what I want on a first try with new combination was amazing.

An only thing I learned from this is that not to get trapped in a convention or a firm belief early in an early stage, especially because someone said so or you read about it somewhere. Experiment. Play around. Have fun. Try different things. Then settle down on what works and fine tune.

That said.... I now use Tri-X and Tmax400 with D76 unless I have a reason to do something else. I have Tmax100, Plus-X (yes, I have some!), Delta 3200, and XTOL on stand-by. I use them when I have a reason to deviate from my standard.

I haven't a clue if there is something you can learn from my experience.