I picked up my first rangefinder last week, a Canon QL17 GIII. It's quite the change from an SLR! Focusing is a challenge with that miniature yellow square in the middle of frame!! Geez.

I was giving it a try today and discovered a few interesting things. 1) If the meter needle is not within the red exposures limits, you cannot press down the shutter. I couldn't figure out where the meter needle was, and kept trying to fire off shots, but the shutter wouldn't press down. It was sunny here in Chicago today and with the lens stopped down to f16 and using the fastest shutter speed of 1/500 - I actually couldn't take a picture using 400 speed film. Even cutting my exposure in half by using 800 speed film may not have done the trick - i'm not sure. (I've been using an FE2, so the 1/500 is quite slow. (neutral density filter will likely help here??)

Then I was inside later in the evening, after dark, and actually was having a similar problem on the other end. I was having trouble, with 400 speed film, to get within the exposure range.

The shutter is extremely quiet and the camera just has that wonderful sexy 70's look. Even if I take horrendous photos, I look really cool carrying this thing around.