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You do know that the f1.9 is pretty much like a f1 lens in 35mm....

Don't you already have a lynx 1.4 too?
you make me sound like a camera whore haha.. and no I sold it didnt use it as much, plus the rangefinder was weak and couldn't use it in low light which made it almost impossible to focus with. And yes I do know ... I think thats the only reason I'm on edge about trading it..

heres a shot from the 1.9 I did 2 weekends ago...

warrior fuji 645-893-Edit-Edit.jpg

I guess the thing is which will hold up more value... cause i have to sell the mamiya pro tl either way... well trade or sell... if I dont like the leica as much as I thought I would I can always sell it for what I got the trade for because it holds it value correct???? the Mamiya pro is a bit harder to sell..