Another thing to remember. If you are using this camera with the meter it's imperative that you also use it with a lens hood. This is because the meter cell is incorporated into the top front of the lens mount. Unshielded in this position it will pick up too large a portion of the open sky. Even on overcast days this will skew your readings. I know this from both personal experience as well as online reading.

If you can find one, the hood to get is the threaded black metal Hoya 48mm. It's robust and shades the lens and light cell well, without intruding too much into your rangefinder window. It also works well with a filter behind it. I set up an email alert on the ugly auction site for mine. Took about nine months, but I got one in LN condition for a fair price.

The next best option, and probably for less money, is a threaded black metal Kalt 49mm hood with a 49-48mm step ring. This combination give a very deep and dark recess for the lens. It does not vignette, although looking at it you won't believe that's possible. The only drawbacks are a bit more intrusion into the rangefinder window, and adding a filter behind it will just push it over the vignette limit. It's that close.