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I've had an XA for a while now and quite frankly was expecting better. I don't mind the operation quirks and love the light shutter release, its the image quality that disappoints. My images seem soft and dull with weak colors, not at all what I was expecting from reviews I'd read. I need to play with it some more I guess and do some meter comparisons against my Gossen. I recently acquired a Rollie 35 and am currently working through my first roll with it. I'm quite curious to see how it compares to the XA.
I would be expecting something better than that too. Something is wrong. Heavens no, "soft and dull with weak colours" is not normal for the XA. It has a crisp and contrasty lens and exposure is well handled by the rudimentary Cds. Have you run through a roll of slide film to check exposure? Years ago (mid-1980s) I had a cycling friend who authored 6 books, all photographs made with his battered XA running Kodachrome 25 or 64. Brilliant stuff for its day.