I would keep the Pro TL and the 80/1.9. I actually own both an AF-D II and a Pro TL, and both of the lenses you mention. Of the two, I use the Pro TL a lot more, because of the 80/1.9 and because of the easier manual focus. The AF sucks on the AF-D, so I tend to put my lenses in MF mode. But I miss the split screen when I do that. Leicas are great, but they are not the beginning and end of all photographic equipment. The bigger frame counts for a heck of a lot, especially if you are going to use slightly faster film. Nowadays, Acros and TMax100 are about the only film I'll put in a 35mm camera. But the options are manifold when moving to 120.

Maybe NB23 has a point, though. You can't put a price on that .