I did a speed test on APX 100 in Rodinal 1:50, then took the film to the local lab to get denisity readings for each shot. I was in a rush to get back here to work so I didn't have time to ask him about the numbers. The readings are whole numbers, and I would think I would just have to take the base 10 log of each, and subtract out the FB+fog, to get the density, but it seems like my numbers are a bit high. Here's the numbers I got from the lab:

Zone 1: 18
Zone 0.5: 14
Zone 1.5 : 22
Zone 2: 27
Zone 8: 99
Zone 7.5: 89
Zone 8.5 : 108
Zone 9: 130
Zone 0: 9

Any help in this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!