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It makes no sense from a business aspect because.

A, There is a finite supply of film,
b, None of the film is fresh
C chemistry is limited
D, The labor in this process by hand is HUGE!!!
E, The cost to process the film is ($260) this is not taking into account a fee for my time to do it.

Its not viable when there are so many other far more profitable processes that require far less effort.

These amongst other reasons is why this film and its process is dead.
First of all, let me state quite clearly: I did not mean "you, Steve, have to do this, whether you want or not" with my previous statements. As you mentioned, the process is well documented through Kodak's patents, and as it just so happens, one of the inventors listed on this patent is a very helpful and active member here on APUG. As an engineer I frequently get confronted with "I have this idea and if you do all the work and bear all the risk you get 10% of the proceeds" plans that tend to go nowhere, so I fully understand your position.

What was new here, and you were the one to bring it up, was, that there appears to be a market of people willing to spend considerable dough on getting Kodachrome processed. For some people it's not so much about specific pictorial qualities of Kodachrome, it may well be about being among the few chosen ones to have one of these rolls processed now. People pay outrageous prices for original paintings of great masters whenever they are put up for auction, despite the fact that you can get very exact copies for very little in comparison. I wonder how much money could be raised if one were to get a handful of these Shuttle slides for own use after funding and thereby enabling development of the whole batch.

Steve, your lab may be fully loaded with exciting and profitable work, but too many times I've heard about labs shutting down due to lack of customers. You proved that Kodachrome can be done today, albeit with considerable effort and skill. I wonder whether this level of skill couldn't be found in at least one of these "we have soooooo few customers" labs.