Hi there!

I am getting really confused here. I got myself a set of Crown Graphic bellows (as I were told by the kind gentleman who gave them to me) and I just acquired a nice Crown Graphic body. The thing is - the bellows wont fit! They are much bigger at the back and a bit smaller on the front!
The bellows I have measure ~6,92"x6,92" on the back outside and the back inner opening has cut corners, has screw holes in each corner and measures 5,9" between the holes. The front is 3,38"x3,38" and again, opening has cut corners and 4 holes for screws, 2,71" apart.
They look of Graflex origin, made of synthetics and are very well made.
Now, the body has 2 screwholes in the bottom and two on the top for the rear part of the bellows and the recess is rather rectangular than square.
The serial number reads 984698.

Basically, what are the bellows for that I have and which bellows (and possibly where, without breaking the bank) should I get. I am also willing to trade in the ones I have, although they are extremely well made and I would rather use them myself but the camera body I have seems to have some history and deserves to be resurrected.