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Why not? In telling him what he can and cannot say, aren't you being hypocritical? That is his opinion, just like you are giving. You are telling him he can't say it simply because you don't agree with it. If you don't agree with it, you're perfectly welcome to say why, but I say let's let the moderators decide what can or cannot be said here. In this case, I doubt if they would have a problem with it.
Not at all....I just don't like being told to "move on" just because this person is reading a thread which doesn't interest him.

He says he "has photography to do". So do I....unfortunately most of my time right now is looking after my wife is recovering from major surgery which involved a seven hour operation. She will not be fully recovered until the New Year and at the moment I am neither able to get out to "do photography" or have enough free time to use the darkroom.

So my photography is currently restricted to time on this group and an occasional half-hour of digital printing on the computer. I will, of course, be asking the Priest for forgiveness of this sin on Sunday.