It's been a while since I commented here.
Have received some more excellent cards:
bluejeh2, Tree monster, a simple yet intriguing subject. Well executed, nicely printed.
bluejeh, Hedy's vase. Stunning. Daring, also, so much black, but it really works out well, very well, to draw the eye to the subject.
JimO, alienis, something different after the deep blacks from the bluejehs. Lovely, dreamy, otherworldly almost. Dreamy. I'll stick to dreamy.
mooseontheloose, what a stunning photo of a waterfall. I'm drawn into the picture, can almost see myself there. Calming, soothing, an excellent photo. Even without HIE, you know how to produce a great photo.
hbooks, nice shot of a dog. I see he/she found a nice place in the shadow. The image makes me think that is the best place to be, a cool place, cooling down, not in the sun that is present in the rest of the picture.
A print that has been attributed to megzdad81 by others; morning ride. Nice moody print, love the morning light falling, creeping, through the canopy.
drpsilver, I can't find the words to describe this, other than: beautiful scene, lovely print, excellent tribute.
ndrs, I wasn't reading the description properly, for a moment you had me thinking: "collodion, colour?"... only to realise that I was a bit quick in putting 2 and 2 together (with the result not being 4). Lovely print, and very interesting blog to browse.

What can I say? Not a single print I don't like, lovely work from all of you! Thanks!

Also a big thanks to those who have commented on my cyanotype. You are all welcome!