Does anyone remember, not that long ago, where some Kodak PR lady showed up with a message about Kodak might become a "boutique" manufacturer in the future with small runs of special offerings?

And then she disappeared.

And more recently, when Freestyle announced a "new" Arista black and white film to replace the lost Arista Premium line (Kodak Plus-X and Tri-X). The film was to be sourced from the UK by an undisclosed manufacturer.

And then they suddenly pulled the announcement and stated that the deal fell through and wouldn't be coming after all.

THEN... there was a whisper that perhaps Freestyle might be able to resupply the Arista Premium 400 after all, if things go well...

THEN... Kodak announced the end of their own microfilm, now to be supplied by Agfa in Belgium or someplace near there, under contract to Kodak.

THEN... Ferrania announces they are getting back in the color film business - from out of nowhere.

It's all a curious congruency in my little mind.

Does anyone besides me think there are all kinds of deals and contracts being set up behind the scenes for all these smaller sources to provide Kodak film after 2015?

I can see the new Arista and Kodak Tri-X (and versions of TMAX) coming from the UK or other European source, under contract to Kodak.

And I can see "Kodak" color films coming from Ferrania or Lucky in China. And even "Ektachrome" could return.

Will we see, "Manufactured in the EU for Kodak".

Or as Apple says, "Designed in the USA - Manufactured in China"

2015 will be a very interesting year for Kodak film - and us.