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...Does anyone besides me think there are all kinds of deals and contracts being set up behind the scenes for all these smaller sources to provide Kodak film after 2015?

I can see the new Arista and Kodak Tri-X (and versions of TMAX) coming from the UK or other European source, under contract to Kodak.

And I can see "Kodak" color films coming from Ferrania or Lucky in China. And even "Ektachrome" could return.

Will we see, "Manufactured in the EU for Kodak"...
Can't speak for others, but I don't think the UK Kodak Pension Plan will source film from Ferrania, Lucky or others and market it as "Kodak." I don't believe the terms of its agreement with Kodak will permit that. Of course, this is all pure speculation, since nobody's revealing anything about those terms, and probably won't even after the deal is complete. That's why Colleen never came back to post specifics.