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I say must cause it will make me feel better =) I have too many cameras and am starting to sell most of them, but I would still like to have a good 35mm system. I dont have a real need for a 2nd 120mm system, I already have a mamiya rb76 and a Rolleiflex 2.8 so instead of having them just sit there I would rather it go to someone that would use it. I guess the real reason im trading it because the trade would benefit me if I would like to flip it if I dont use it as much as I thought since leica's would be easier to sell. the other reason was that while I was deployed I bought tons of 35mm film and its just sitting there and would like a camera that doesn't compromise on quality when it comes to 35mm film. If im not making sense then just punch me in the face and knock some sense into me lol...
Context is everything. Now I understand. I thought your only cameras were the two Mamiyas.
Sell the ones you don't use. Sounds like you really love the Mamiyas, though. Why sell a camera that you love?

But do what you think is right. Somebody has to burn through that stash of 35.

(Aside: 120 format is not 120mm. It's 60mm wide. Just FYI).