I sometimes wonder if the name alone sells images sometimes - if they're famous, then the shots must be "great".

I remember seeing Mario Testino's images at the National Portrait Gallery in London a few years back; I felt many were rather ho-hum and certainly wouldn't have parted with my hard earned cash, to grace a wall at home.

At around the same time, I purchased a small print by a photographer who shoots for Vollers Corsets (Alwyn R Coates) - it was (to me) a fantastic image and I remembered thinking how much more powerful it was, than Testino's image of Catherine Zeta-Jones also in a corset.

Others would probably disagree, but for me, this particular collection of Testino's work was a collection of snapshots that were only "great" because they were images of famous celebrities.

Of all the images that were on show - the well known B&W image of Diana, Princess of Wales, was the only one that I remotely enjoyed viewing, the rest left me cold, and uninspired.