I just signed up today after browsing for a little while and thought Iíd say hello. I live in Warwickshire in the UK. My current love affair is with medium format, although I am still working hard at getting the results I want Iím getting better at it and enjoying the experience. The main cameras I use for MF are a newly acquired Rolleiflex 3.5E (which I fell in love with immediately), Mamiya C220 (preferred over the C330 as I like to cock the shutter, Iím not sure why this gives me so much pleasure, it just does) and a Bronica ETRS.

I have a cupboard full of cameras and will quite happily pick up any of them to use, from a cheap plastic toy camera to a decent SLR, Polaroid to an old Hanimex 110, I have no real elitist tendencies, they all give me enjoyment of one kind or another when using them.

I hope, by participating here, to pick up a bit more technical knowledge that will help me in achieving the results Iím after.