If by darkroom you mean conventional film and paper processes, then I'd say there is very little not covered in David's list. I think Ansel's "The print" and "The negative" are a good place to start. I like Tim Rudman's explanation of flashing techniques etc. I like Way Beyond Monochrome for the practical explanation of variable contrast printing etc. Ansel's series cover mid to late 20th century materials and techniques, but there are newer materials and techniques that do not fit exactly to his way of doing things. But I must state that knowing his theory and points of departure can absolutely do no harm. It is just that there are a few newer things also to learn.

The "Cookbooks" by Anchell et al. are very, very useful. I have heard good things said about David Vestal's books. I personally have and like John Blakemore's "Black and White Photography Workshop". It gives a very easy to follow and very practical explanation of optimising exposure and development, with many beautiful images to support the theory.

If you are into alternative stuff, then Christopher James is the ultimate single resource. There are of course others, but none so complete in a single volume.

This thread has a lot of useful info: http://www.apug.org/forums/forum41/1...-printing.html

For a book to appeal to me, it has to contain some inspiring photographs, too. Otherwise the chemistry, technique etc can all become a bit technical and detached.