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Okay, provide an objective formula for discussing photographic imagery. Taken to its (il)logical conclusion, your position is every photograph is the same as another, so long as, presumably, it's exposed correctly? That would put all professional photographers and galleries out of business, as well as a few curators, educators an picture editors. You may view this as A Jolly Good Thing, perhaps you'll enlighten us? Even better, show us a great 21mm or wider shot that doesn't rely on bending stuff for novelty value.
This could potentially be a discussion, but would go too far off topic re short focal length lenses and the original photo posted in this thread. It is a more generalized thing. But actually you aren't too far off in your assessment of my position. Even exposure is a matter of taste unless it clearly detracts from the purpose of the picture. After decades of study, yes I have come to reject much of what is said not only regarding good or bad photographs, but good or bad art in general. That's a rather crude summation, but anyway. Apologies, the HCB stuff really winds me up.