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The quality of RC papers has reached the point where, unless your prints are intended for sale or gallery display, there is little advantage in using FB papers. Printing on FB papers is more bothersome, time consuming and costly then RC papers. If you doubt the quality of RC papers you should contact Ilford or Kodak for more information.
Even though I print final prints on FB I tend to agree with this.

The biggest reason I use FB, aside from being something of a traditionalist, is that I've never found an RC surface I like as much as FB glossy air dried. The closest is Ilford Pearl or the Adox MCP comparable. It's good, but not AS good to me. If you frame under glass that really doesn't matter.

There is also a tactile quality to unmounted FB prints that RC lacks. Simply put, RC feels like a thin sheet of plastic, while FB feels like a heavy sheet of paper. That may or may not matter to you.