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Just a side note.

It looks like those who have finely calibrated their digital negatives for their process will have to recalibrate if switching to the fumed silica.

And a question...

Can one treat paper with the fumed silica and then put it aside for future use? The answer seems to be yes, chemically (it being so inert). But what about physically -- any danger of rubbing off the silica or otherwise damaging the surface in storage?


I've been using the same negs as before. Yes they look different, but I usually watch closely to my highlights and shadows, which are still present. The midtone coloration is usually darken, and an overall more contrasty appearance, but exposure and curve wise...i guess one just needs to compare.

That shot posted in the OP was from paper that had been coated weeks back, thrown around, discovered, tucked away, found again and used by me as an experiment. It just happened to turn out so well that it was sent to a friend. It seems to be very stable.