Not a derailment at all, don't worry. If I can get in touch with Citret I'd like to ask him some things about rigidity, precision, alignment, recessed board requirements etc. (realistically - not just manuafacturer specs) - all my usual OCD.

One thing that worries me a little is I've never been as comfortable with base tilts (although I suppose I'd just have to use them more and get used to it). I was good with base tilts on my old Sinar A1 (which I should never have sold like an idiot), but that was because the Sinar's have that nifty little angle calculator wheel thingy which I found to work quite well for two-point focusing. The Ebony cameras of course don't have any of this stuff or even an angle degree indicator, but they've got other good points. I just wish I had $100 grand lying around so I could buy a few Toyos, Linhofs, Ebonys and maybe an Arca or two. Then any time there was something that couldn't be done with one camera, I'd simply use a different one

Alternatively, since that is ridiculous, if only there was a store I could go to and try these out, if might be easier to rule some out, find the quirks, etc.

My never-ending search continues...

If you don't mind me asking, which 5 images did you end up with?