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You will also be able to compare the RC and the FB prints of t he same image printed to their best, and be able to compare their qualities. (IMO, the surface qualities of FB is far superior to RC papers in most cases -- yes, even behind glass)..
Depends on the glass and the viewing distance. Up close with regular glass I can certainly still see the difference though it is lessened.

I was thinking of a print I gave my MIL and FIL for Christmas. It was about 15" square printed on 16x20 paper (Adox MCC 110) and I had it professionally mounted and custom framed. I went with anti-glare glass though I know it reduces detail some, because I didn't know where they would hang it. They hung it over their mantle. They are very pleased with it and it pleases me to see it displayed when I visit, but where it is over the fireplace (which they use for that only rarely for special occasions - not much worry about heat damage but in any case it's theirs to hang where they wish) every time I see it I also think I might as well have printed it on RC paper and saved time, water and hassle. There's no way you can get close enough to see the difference without a ladder.

This is a quick iPhone shot of it, cropped to remove a person's face.