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Context is everything. Now I understand. I thought your only cameras were the two Mamiyas.
Sell the ones you don't use. Sounds like you really love the Mamiyas, though. Why sell a camera that you love?

But do what you think is right. Somebody has to burn through that stash of 35.

(Aside: 120 format is not 120mm. It's 60mm wide. Just FYI).
Now i feel dumb lol.. why do they call it 120 film then lol.. and I went for the trade.. I still have my mamiya 645 AF so im good =) heres a few photos that pushed me over the edge on the trade.. nothing special but sharp as hell when it comes to the 50 being wide open =)

Leica test roll-237.jpgLeica test roll-238.jpgLeica test roll-239.jpgLeica test roll-243.jpgLeica test roll-244.jpgLeica test roll-245.jpgLeica test roll-246.jpgLeica test roll-249.jpgLeica test roll-251.jpgLeica test roll-252.jpgLeica test roll-253.jpgLeica test roll-254.jpgLeica test roll-834.jpg