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Sorry, but I can't let that pass, you're not in the real world. Try running your own business in the current UK economic climate, when you're on call 7 days a week.....anyone (I don't say you) who's spent their whole life in employment, with a salary guaranteed at the end of the month, benefits paid for by the employer, and a company pension scheme hasn't a clue. And, if you get it wrong, there's one person who has to accept responsibility...there's no Perez who you can try to blame.

I'm sure that Steve Frizza doesn't have an employer to pay for his lab, equipment, business vehicle, paid holidays, etc., and that every cent of necessary capital expenditure comes from his own pocket, or the profit (hopefully) generated from his work and business. I also hope that he doesn't have the find the equivalent of $30,000+ from taxed income as I have for the cost of my wife's recent surgery.

Don't worry, I'm off this website now, at least for a while; there's plenty of other photography and digital forums which have a much better atmosphere.

A reasonable answer, but one that misunderstands my point.

1. Steve does run his own business and has many problems with taxes and income, but in spite of that he was able to do what he did.

2. I am retired and on a fixed income and I have lost my health care benefits. I have invested heavily in coating blades and books as well as lots of Silver Nitrate and many other things such as printing the books and duplicating the DVDs. I have taxes on that income to deal with and lots of late hours were spent in my tiny lab (7'x14')/ I am now working on 2 more books and am working with 2 interns at GEH.

Point is, that I did it and took it pretty far in my lab but I still will not attempt Kodachrome or any other chrome except possibly Cibachrome.

And many groan and moan here, but do nothing at all!

If you cannot, you cannot, but if you can or could and are posting here, why just talk? Start to work.

Now, I'm sorry that my comments have driven you away. I h ope that your wife is better soon. My wife had 2 major surgeries while writing the book and she needed one year for recovery for the second. I hope your wife does better.