Few items for sale/trade. Trade for film (Velvia/Acros in 120, Tri-X in 35mm) or for Pentax 67 lens hood for 105/2.4.

$15 plus shipping - NPC/Forscher F3 back. Rollers in very good shape, body is in good to very good shape including the transfer lens, labels and everything are still on it. You should be able to shoot two frames using this. I bought it for the CB-103 back for a project but I'm not going to get to it. I have not used it.

$10 shipped - Nikon F series book. Cover is taped together and has separated from rest of book, but pages are all in pretty good shape and it's a nice period read. I'm more of a Canon guy so off it goes.

$12.50 shipped - Nikon HN-2 hood for 28mm lenses. Boxed, like new condition, box is fairly beat up. Note: Thread title is incorrect, it is the HN-2 not HS-2. Sorry for the confusion.Will post a photo of this once I get into that corner of my storage area.

Buy them all together for $25 plus shipping.