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Induro carbon fiber. Half the price of Gitzo, nearly the same weight. Very nicely made. I bought one last year to replace my two-ton Bogen 3001. I suspect they're durable as long as you don't drop them on a large outcrop of granite.

My first tripod was a Slik, with aluminum channels for legs. Bought almost 30 years ago. Very inexpensive. Nice and light, and utterly useless for holding anything steady. Gave it away a year later. You get what you pay for.
I had my Induro carbon fiber tripod fall 10 feet onto rocks at the top of a waterfall, then go over a 20' high waterfall, with my whole plate camera still attached. It came out of the experience unscathed (the camera, not so much). The tripod even floated.

They're a relative bargain - much cheaper than a comparable Gitzo, but they're still not cheap. My vote for a tripod for someone on a budget would be an aluminum Bogen/Manfrotto. They're sturdy, inexpensive, and don't weigh a ton.