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I use a quick FB development workflow (no washing agent and a quick 1 minute water rinse) for test sheets and strips. This brings the total time very close to that for RC prints. Once I'm happy with what I have, I'll print and develop using archival process. I typically get a print I like in 3-5 sheets, more often 5 than 3
Well yes, I do pretty much the same. There is zero reason to wash test prints and strips. In fact since I don't have running water in the darkroom I often just let prints soak in the holding bath then come back and wash them as much as a week later with no problems at all. I only use wash aid and full wash for final prints. Even so, those are a PITA. If you think it's bad in a "normal" darkroom try it without running water and with no sink large enough upstairs. I use the successive changes of still water method which works well and saves water but is a huge PITA for very many prints. Going through that for 14 prints on 11x14 paper for the Large Format Print Exchange was not an experience I hope to repeat.

Fortunately my sink is already bought and I was talking to my buddy today who is building out the basement. He's been too busy but is ready to start knocking it out again. By the end of the year if not a lot sooner I should have a full, proper, dedicated darkroom with running water again. Woohoo!