Thanks Ron! you have written exactly what I feel....too many talk and too few get to work on experiments. I also get annoyed by people who claim to desperately want to do Kodachrome but haven't read any of the information / publications and patents given away by kodak.

I also get annoyed by people whom I give good insight into methodologies and then get told no no there are better ways. Take for example my RGB screens for doing an autochrome like process. I expressed in that thread a perfect simple solution for pairing the screen with the film emulsion and yet for 20 pagers after announcing a simple method people were still over complicating it with other ideas that simply dont work.

It makes me not want to share the all details on my experiments. I work hard for what I learn. why should I simply serve it to others on a silver platter?

when people ask me whats the difference between Tri-x and Neopan i dont tell them anymore. I simply say buy ten rolls of each test them and you tell me! thats how i learned!!!

sorry to complain but you are spot on Ron people need to stop talking and start doing!