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Thanks Ron! you have written exactly what I feel....too many talk and too few get to work on experiments. I also get annoyed by people who claim to desperately want to do Kodachrome but haven't read any of the information / publications and patents given away by kodak.

I also get annoyed by people whom I give good insight into methodologies and then get told no no there are better ways. Take for example my RGB screens for doing an autochrome like process. I expressed in that thread a perfect simple solution for pairing the screen with the film emulsion and yet for 20 pagers after announcing a simple method people were still over complicating it with other ideas that simply dont work.

It makes me not want to share the all details on my experiments. I work hard for what I learn. why should I simply serve it to others on a silver platter?

when people ask me whats the difference between Tri-x and Neopan i dont tell them anymore. I simply say buy ten rolls of each test them and you tell me! thats how i learned!!!

sorry to complain but you are spot on Ron people need to stop talking and start doing!
Yes i agree too.
Lots of talk but no action.
If i had the skill, experience and knowledge, and was not living on the other side of the earth, i would love to help in some way, but ive had absolutely nothing to do with hand processing of any film whatsoever. And since im dedicated to many other hobbies interests, i dont have time for everything.
However, ironically the demise of kodachrome has for me personally sparked an interest in film (E6) photography.
Ive learned greatly about how films work with dye couplers etc, but i have a hell of a lot more to learn.

Ive created a wiki with the intention of documenting everything there is to know about processing kodachrome right down to the chemistry of the film itself and the chemicals/couplers to process it.
I feel this should be done regardless of whether Kodachrome ever gets processed again or not, since its a record of history.

If people are serious enough to want their kodachromes processed, i would expect them to do their hardest to gather whatever information they find from the relative patent documents etc and put it on the wiki. Its completley pointless why people are buying up the stuff if it cant be processed and paying ridiculous prices for it and storing it in their freezer. If they want to shoot it, they can expect to do the hard yards to develop it.
Yes it would be awesome if it could be easily processed, but i dont think its worthwhile doing unless some historically significant footage comes to light such as the shuttle film, which is even a much more harder challenge than processing a short strip of 35mm film.

I dont have much knowledge on the film or chemistry myself, but will contribute what little i can to the wiki.

All i ask, is if we want to keep film alive (E6 in particular), we all need to work together, keep shooting it and promote and share our photos as much as possible.
Already people look at me all stupid when i pull out my XA3 and turn the winder!
Its crazy how film has declined so fast in less than a decade, now us as analog photographers look the odd ones out.
Keep shooting guys, im putting all my hard efforts into E6 for the time being, at least that has some future, Kodachrome does not and C41 films do not really interest me much. So E6 is all im shooting.