Additional info:

CPP2: There is a crack in the rear of the heater/pump case at the corner. Will not affect operation or functionality. There are a couple of screws and nuts missing, nothing that will affect operation or functionality, but makes it easier to perform maintenance on the unit. You can read the serial number in one of the photos. The bottles, graduated cylinders, and red tray have chemical stains and scale from water, as is typical of units I've seen that have been used. I am not the original owner, I purchased from a photographer that used this to process film in his studio.

ATL1: This head has not been put into service by me yet. I was told by the previous owner that there is some damage to the plastic housing that will not affect the operation or functionality. I did find one crack in the plastic housing of the arm that guides the recovery hoses on the left end of the unit. The previous owner told me that prior to selling, he tested it for temp, program cycles, and air pressure, which all worked properly. He did not test all 8 programs prior to selling to me. While I forgot to install the lift arm rails for the photograph, they will be included and are intact. There are two broken tank clips on the lift that I will replace with new repair clips prior to shipping this unit to you.

Neither unit is beautiful cosmetically. This is a user machine.
Please ask questions.