I called Allied in GR, they only run film one day/week IF they have enough orders on hand to warrant turning on the machine. They told me during the summer months it might take two months to accumulate enough film to process it. I did send a roll of 35mm & a roll of 120 to North Coast Photo Saturday by Priority Mail. Got a shipping notice from them Wed & according to the tracking number I should have it tomorrow (Fri). I can live with 1 week turn around. Cost $40.45 for developing, enhanced scanning, paging negatives & Priority Mail return postage. About twice what the 1 hour labs charge but I hope much better quality & much larger scans - plus the 1 hour labs don't do 120 anyhow. So when I figure in $5/roll for film & $5.75 to send the two rolls out I'm at $56.20 total, which figures out to about $0.78/exposure for 36mm and $2.61/exposure for 120.