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I understand you are not joking, but are talking about what happens when you gain enough experience.

When you have very many negatives to print, you get efficient at working out what each needs.

I also try hard to conserve paper. I am sometimes lucky to get what I consider a good print from 1 sheet of paper and 1 test strip. More often it's 2 test strips and 1 sheet of paper. Occasionally 2 test strips and 2 sheets of paper. Only rarely do I put in more effort than that. Because if a particular negative is fighting me, there is always another negative more deserving of my time.
Oh! I've had my fair share of lost hours and huge trial and error mistakes. Like when I woke up and I realized that the 20 16x20 FB prints that have dried overnight were all Garbage, thanks to the drydown that I didn't account for. A whole day lost, 200$ worth of papers lost. But with time, it got better and better. I am now at the point where printing a dozen of 20x24 takes me an evening. The road wasn't easy, though...