Epson V700 with Betterscan nega/transparency holders. Still not as a pro-lab drum scan for quite large prints. It has a full auto mode and you can choose between a basic or more advanced visual interface e.g. to control contrast, RGB, etc. Needs software to post-op images ex scanner (e.g. if creating print-ready files from scanner). Educate yourself in colourimetrics/profiling and be prepared for early disappointments along the knowledge curve. Take notes!!

Re X-Rays; my family went on a one month tour to Vancouver/BC/Alaska in June. Total count of X-ray machines passed through was 22 (!), including cruise terminals, Air Canada trips etc. I'm really not going to guess what affect that many passes would have on films, but there were also problems with digital images on memory cards becoming corrupt or unopenable; they got around this by requesting copies of the images from the shop in Victoria/BC where the pics were unloaded onto a CD. Interesting; possibility of x-rays affecting SD cards, or something else? Also happened to 6 other people on the same tour. No explanation found.