I have just happened across this thread,
i know its a little late but I would like to respond to clear up any underlying issues.

ALL Ilford themed designs have received a green light from HARMAN technology Ltd.
BEFORE the website was created [as stated on the website www.weweartees.com]

We have also been advertising on and off here on APUG over the last number of months.

I accept that our "Slogans" may not appeal to everyone and in light of this I have raised
a query with Harman technology Ltd, if the Ilford logos may be used on their own.

going forward I MAY be able to offer that service.

We also offer a service for you to submit your own design/photo for printing.
[this is not for commercial use but a service for your image on a t-shirt - for you alone]

In relation to the HP5 design, it is correct to say I DO NOT own the "slogan" rights to this
the website has been updated to remove the error.

I have clearly stated at the bottom of each relevant page that all design and slogans are copyright by weweartees
and all Ilford designs are copyright by HARMAN technology Ltd.

Ilford in the past produced a limited number of apparel designs >


Thank you all for the feedback and if there are other issues which need addressing
please let me know.

Thanks in advance, Alan